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MATE X Foldable Electric Bike by MATE.BIKE (750W version)

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  • MATE X Foldable Electric Bike

    Meet Mate X, the newest foldable electric bike by Mate Bike. This bike was built to last: It comes with fat tires and full hydraulic suspension so that you can take it off road (75 miles range!). Together with an easy folding system and a removable battery this makes Mate X the best bike for festivals or outdoor events! The hydraulic disc brakes provide a smoother, more reliable braking with fingertip effort. Automatic pad adjustment as pads wear down.

    Main Features:

    - 75 Miles Range
    - Foldable Bike
    - Hydraulic Brakes

    - 32 mph max speed when unlocked
    - 2 year warranty

    MATE X Foldable Electric Bike

    Innovation for the road

    Mate X convinces with an elegant, yet simple design. The integrated interactive LCD color display is configurable and also functions as smartphone holder. It shows all info needed, as well as battery life in % to accurately gauge how far you can push your ride limit.The bike comes equipped with a comfort saddle and an adjustable suspension system so that you don't have to worry about bumpy roads any longer. There is an integrated USB Charger as well which will allow you to charge and ride at the same time!

    Strong motors up to 750w. Hi-torque 48V battery for quick acceleration, and up to 17.5Ah capacity to ride farther per charge so you can take the long way home. No matter the terrain or weather conditions, this motor/battery combo prepares you for tackling them all.

    Take Mate X anywhere you go thanks to the 3-step folding system and the integrated carrying handle.

    Mate X color Combo 3

    Quality bike components for security and durability

    Mate X was built for serious off road terrain. Thanks to the quality components this bike will not let you down. The 100% forged 6061 aluminium frame of this bike provides enhanced durability without compromising the bike's weight, and the 8-speed Shimano gear ensures a smooth shifting experience.

    Mate X foldable e bike Specs

  • 1 x MATE X Frame

     1 x Set of tires

    1 x Handlebar

    1 x Battery with keys

    Foldable peddles


  • Engine:

    Pedal Assist:

    Color Display:

    Thumb Throttle:

    17 AmpH (removable)

    Battery Range:
    100 km • 60 mi

    Legal in US w/o licence:

    Max load:
    150kg (331 pounds)


    up to 30 miles

    Max speed:
    32 km/h • 20 mph

    Max speed (unlockable):
    Yes, up to 52 km/h • 32 mph

    Weight with Battery:
    30.0 kg • 66.1 lbs

    Weight without Battery:
    26.5 kg • 58.4 lbs


    Front and Rear Wheel:
    4.0" fat tires (20" wheels)

    2 year manufacturer warranty