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Misty Robotics Misty II Robot

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  • Misty Robotics Misty II

    Misty II is an autonomous robot able to move around a room and easily avoid obstacles. It is also equipped with facial recognition which allows it to detect and recognize peopl with an expansive field of view. Additionally, Misty II can respond to touch on her head or chin and also be customized (change its arms, add a trailer and more!). Finally, Misty II auto charges on its dock when needed and can also map a room and create a detailed 3D map of it.



    Also a robot for developers: one part hardware, one part software!

    Misty II is a robot platform, built for developers, and brought to life by Misty Robotics. She gives developers access to personal robots for both business use and individual enjoyment without needing a background in robotics. 



    What can you do with Misty? 

    If it’s got a floor, Misty can roam it. The skills you write take advantage of Misty’s ability to autonomously move in your environment. Combine your code with Misty’s capabilities and third party API’s, hardware and sensors and you’ll find a host of assignments for her to take on. She could collect and share data, report back on her environment, map her space, interact with people, control third party devices, and deliver objects.


     See the introduction video of Misty II here:

    • 1 x Misty II Robot
    • 1 x Charging Mat
    • 1 x Power Cable
    • 1 x Desk Stand Box
    • 1 x User Guide
  • Warranty

    Qualcomm® SDA 820™ processor and Qualcomm® SDA 410™ processor

    Computer Vision
    Occipital Structure Core depth sensors for 3D maps + 166° diagonal field of view wide-angle Structure Core camera (106° horizontal x 60° vertical) + 4K camera + Facial Recognition + Deep-learning AI using Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Neural Processing Engine

    3 far-field microphones using Qualcomm® Fluence PRO + 2 high-fidelity speakers with engineered sound box and bass port

    6 capacitive touch sensors on head and chin

    Distance and Obstacles
    8 IR-based time-of-flight sensors (3 forward, 1 rear, 4 edge/downward) + 10 bump sensors (3 tied in parallel on each front corner, 2 tied in parallel on each rear corner)

    Patent-pending 3-degree of freedom neck + Easily customizable moving arms + Sturdy track-driving tread system + Trailer hitch to pull a payload

    Display and Light
    4” LCD image display/screen + Bright LED flashlight + Multi-color LED chest light

    2.4 and 5 Ghz WiFi connection + Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy capabilities

    USB/Serial-connected backpack for hardware extension + The Misty (Arduino-Compatible) Backpack (sold separately) + Magnetic helmet connection point

    Operating Systems
    Windows IoT Core™ (Main) + Android™ 8 (navigation/computer vision)

    Development Tools
    JavaScript SDK + REST, JavaScript, and Python remote command interfaces + Perception Engine (After 1H 2019) + C# and Python (After 1H 2019) SDKs + Documentation, sample code, and tutorials