Mophie Powerstation Go Rugged Air Power Bank

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Mophie Powerstation Go Rugged Air Power Bank

Mophie brings you the Go Rugged Air Power Bank, an ultimate power station to pump life into everything you love.

This power station conveniently includes an air compressor fitted with a universal nozzle to inflate your flat tires lest you mess your road trip. Unlike any regular power bank in the market, Go Rugged can jump-start your SUV in seconds. The jumper cables ensure you are back on the road in a few minutes.

Its dual USB-A ports let you charge multiple devices simultaneously, saving precious time. Fitted with LED indicators, spark-proof jumper cables, and adjustable pressure settings, the foolproof Go Rugged Air Power Bank from Mophie fits into a convenient carry pouch for you to tote around with ease.


Warranty: 2 years

Dimensions: 4.65 x 9.52 x 1.85 in

Weight: 2.54 lbs

Battery: 55.500 mWh

Ports: 2 USB-A

Compatibility: Tablets, Full-Sized Vehicles, USB-A Devices, All Cars, Trucks, Boats, Smartphones, Gaming Systems


1 x Power Station

1 x AC Wall Plug

1 x USB-C Charging Cable

1 x Air Compressor Nozzle Adjustments

1 x Carrying Pouch

1 x Jumper Cables

1 x Quick Start Guide