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  • Owl Labs Meeting Planner HQ

    Note: A Quick Start subscription is required to use your Meeting HQ. Quick Start costs $20/month and is charged annually ($240).

    Do you find it difficult to arrange meetings and organise them? The Meeting Planner HQ is an all-in-one meeting room solution that pairs with the Meeting Owl Pro to start video conferencing meetings quickly with the push of a button and without plugging into an external computer.

    By setting up the Meeting HQ in your meeting rooms, it becomes faster and easier to book and start your video conferencing meetings. The Meeting Owl Pro connects to your organization’s Google or Office 365 Calendar room booking system so you can reserve a meeting space, walk into the room, and start your meeting with one click.

    Unlike other meeting room solutions, the Owl Labs Meeting HQ allows you to hold meetings using different conferencing platforms, giving you the flexibility to meet with external customers and partners.


    Hassle Free Meetings

    The Owl Meeting HQ reduces unnecessary hassle when starting meetings, all you need is The Meeting HQ and the Meeting Owl Pro for your room to be fully connected to video conferencing. These devices are easy to set up and reduce the number of cables for your team to manage.

    One Tap Start

    The Meeting HQ integrates with your calendar booking system and your video conferencing software to expedite your time for meeting. It makes it fast and easy to start meetings with the push of a button — instead of connecting to a personal computer.


    All-in-one Solution

    The Meeting HQ makes it very easy to arrange a meeting, you do not need a personal computer. All you need is the Meeting HQ to get your video conferencing started, everything can be accessed through the device.

    Software Integrations

    Apart from the wide range of video conferencing softwares available for use in the Meeting HQ, it also offers a Proprietary Quick Start software ($20/month, charged annually).

    The Meeting HQ works with Google Workspace and Office 365 calendars to schedule your meetings and access them. Many other features will be updated over time through updates. 

    • 1 x Meeting HQ
    • 1 x Screw
    • 1 x Owl Adapter  
    • 1 x AC/DC power brick with DC line cord
    • 1 x 12 foot AC cable
    • 1 x 3 foot DC extender cable (optional - found in box with Lock Screw and Owl Adapter)
  • Model:

    Owl Labs Meeting HQ


    2 Years

    Screen size:

    7 display


    Automatically receives Quick Start software updates


    Connects via WiFi or ethernet


    HDMI and ethernet ports

    Device size:

    246.06mm x 212.52mm x 126.02mm


    2.97 lb/ 1.347 kg


    Black and white mixed

    SKU: 6220992

    UPC: 850022203015