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  • Owl Labs Whiteboard Owl

    Note: A subscription is required to use your Owl Labs Whiteboard Owl. This costs $10/month and is charged annually ($120).

    Do you have problems presenting your white board to your team? Easily view the white board no matter where you are located with the Whiteboard Owl. This dedicated whiteboard camera pairs with the Owl Pro and features automatic whiteboard enhancement and content capture so remote participants don’t miss a thing. The Whiteboard Owl is a dedicated whiteboard camera that pairs with the Meeting Owl Pro to improve whiteboard visibility for remote participants. If there are remote workers or remote students, the Whiteboard Owl will help keep them engaged and able to participate during live brainstorms or lectures, and you’ll be able to use the whiteboard as you always have.

    The Whiteboard automatically makes the presenter transparent so the board is never blocked from view. It also has the ability to view, save and zoom in on high resolution images of board in real time. The Whiteboard comes with magnetic tags helping you to switch easily to a brainstorming session.


    Inclusive Brainstorming

    Clearly see the whiteboard with a panoramic view of in-room participants. The Owl Whiteboard allows you to gain deeper engagement during hybrid brainstorms and lectures, it also captures whiteboard through automatic detection so you can focus on the discussion.

    Seamless Meetings

    The Whiteboard makes your meetings as seamless as possible; it allows you to effortlessly switch into brainstorming mode just by flipping a magnetic Whiteboard tag.

    Automatically capture high-res whiteboard images with Whiteboard Capture, participants can also automatically capture high resolution whiteboard images during the meeting.  

    Improved Whiteboard Visibility

    The Whiteboard enhance makes writing clearer for remote participants, the writing contrast is increased, glare and shadows are removed. Moreover, the presenter is made transparent so the board is never blocked from view.

    Flexible Setup Options

    The Whiteboard Owl can be setup in multiple ways, it can be attached to a tripod or ceiling mount for greater flexibility or larger rooms or can be wall-mounted with screws, anchors or adhesive strips. It has to be facing the whiteboard 7-16 feet away for clearer vision.

    • 1 x Whiteboard Owl
    • 2 x Whiteboard Tags
    • 1 x Power supply
    • 2 x Mounting Adhesive Strips
    • Drywall hangers & Screws

  • Model:

    Owl Labs Whiteboard Owl

    Camera Resolution:

    4208 x 3120


    5” H x 5.25” W x 2” D






    Zoom, Google Hangouts, Slack, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, and more

    Setup options:

    Wall-mount, tripod-mount, or ceiling-mount