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Pentair Warrior SE Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner

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  • Pentair Warrior SE Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner

    Pentair Warrior SE is the EXACT same product as Pentair 920 (different name)

    Caddy is available here

    Make beautiful summertime memories with hassle-free robotic pool cleaners from Pentair. Pentair Warrior SE inground robotic pool cleaner will free up your precious time to plan for the perfect pool party while clearing out the dirt and debris leaving a sparkling and inviting cool pool for a chill dip.

    Exceptionally easy to use and extremely efficient, this robotic pool cleaner with its powerful high-speed rotary scrubber works wonders on the pool floor and walls leaving them intensely clean. Unlike its competitions that rely on pool pump or booster pump, Pentair Warrior SE Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner is powered independently by a low-voltage energy source thus drastically reducing your energy costs. With its efficient in-built weekly timer all you need to is schedule a cleaning cycle daily or weekly and the smart robot gets busy cleaning your pool of dirt and debris while you get busy planning for the party. The dual-filtration option comes with a range of debris filtration cartridges to suit your pool needs and ensures even the finest dirt is scrubbed out for a satisfying swimming experience.

    Energy Saver

    With zero dependencies on pool pumps or booster pumps, this robotic pool cleaner only needs an independent low-voltage power source to prep your pool every day. Pentair Warrior SE Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner is extremely cost-effective in that you can stay worry-free and get busy planning for magical moments with friends and family at your serene pool.

    Deep Cleaning

    A high-power rotary scrubbing brush gives a highly intense scrub to your pool floor and walls leaving them sparkling clean. Our powerful scrubber rats out even the finest dirt or dust settled on the pool floor and walls to give it a complete clean.

    Simple Operation

    Hassle-free is synonymous with Pentair pool cleaners with the magical built-in timer that can be preset and programmed for daily and weekly cleaning schedules. All you need to is plug it in, place it down and go about your daily chores and let this robust robot take care of the dirty job.

    Multiple Filter Cartridges

    From the bulky debris to very fine dirt, the Warrior SE robotic pool cleaner offers you the choice of various filter cartridges, a large filter for clearing out the bigger debris that the high winds bring about and a fine filter for the tough dirt and debris settled on floors and walls.

    Top-Access Filter Basket

    Cleaning the pool is now a child’s play thanks to the multiple filter cartridges that come with this package and cleaning the filter basket post a cycle is a breeze as you just hose down the basket for any remnants.

    • 1 x Pentair Warrior SE Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner
    • 1 x 60 ft. Communication Cable with Swivel
    • 1 x Power Supply with power cord
  • Warranty:
    60 days

    Built-in Timer





    Return Policy:
    Pool cleaners must be unopened to qualify for a return. For defective products and technical issues, Pentair requires customers to contact them directly. The manufacturer will troubleshoot the issue and, at their sole discretion, provide parts or a replacement unit under warranty. Please contact Pentair with your serial and proof of purchase at 800-831-7133 or by filling this online form.