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Pentair Warrior SI Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner w/ Bluetooth

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  • Pentair Warrior SI Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner

    Pentair Warrior SI is the EXACT same product as Pentair 930 (different name).

    Caddy is available here

    When it comes to pool parties, stay smart with our Pentair Warrior SI Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner, the one-stop solution for ultimate pool cleaning. In just 1-2 hours this robotic pool cleaner with an independent power source is fast, efficient and scrubs hard to get rid of debris and even the toughest dirt leaving your pool sparkling clean.

    No more dredging hard pool cleaning work as the Pentair Warrior SI Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner comes to your rescue. Organizing pool parties got a whole lot easier thanks to this powerful wonder robot, high-speed scrubbing, dual-level filtration, programmable to different modes to suit your moods and control with Bluetooth wireless technology and top access dual-level filtration basket. While you are busy sipping on a chill lemonade prepping for your next dip, instruct this Bluetooth enabled pool appliance from your smartphone, to do your dirty work of cleaning and this robotic pool cleaner gets down to business, clears the dirt and debris both large and ultra-fine leaving you with sparkling clean pool with inviting water for the most relaxing experience.

    Ultimate Smart Control

    The era of smart is here and true to this adage Warrior SI Inground Robotic Pool Control is Bluetooth enabled and can be controlled at your convenience and with complete ease, a swipe from your finger on the smartphone can start this mean machine to do your dirty work.

    Energy Efficient Robot

    This smart robotic pool cleaner comes with its independent power supply eliminates the need to rely on your pool pump or booster pump, requires a low-voltage power source thus saving energy costs even on hot summer months, so get ready for a cool swim that doesn’t cut a big hole in your pocket.

    Robust Caddy

    Unlike its bulky competitions, Pentair Warrior SI Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner is a sleek looking tough model, with its robust design and smart functions, this caddy is one sassy possession brain and brawn combined, that you would love to show off in your summer special backyard pool party.

    Ultimate Cleaning Experience

    The hard scrubbing brush works relentlessly on tough dirt and debris, making every last effort to leave you with a sparkling clean pool at all times. To satisfy your OCD, you may even drive this pool cleaner manually to clear concentrated debris patches for a thorough cleaning experience.

    Dual-level Filtration

    Easy and efficient, the magic filters work in two levels, one for bigger debris and another for very fine debris, thus ensures your pool is clean and clear from gritty contaminants. Once the work is done easy access top basket allows you to clean it with ease.

  • 1 x Pentair Warrior SI Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner
    2 x Ultra Fine Filter Basket Set
    2 x Removable Rough Filter Basket Liner Set
  • Warranty:
    2 years

    Cycle Time:
    1 or 2 hours

    60 ft. Swivel Cable

    Ultra fine filter basket, Removable rough filter basket liner (included)

    Bluetooth remote capable:

    Suction Capacity:
    3,735 gal (USA) per hour



    Return Policy:
    Pool cleaners must be unopened to qualify for a return. For defective products and technical issues, Pentair requires customers to contact them directly. The manufacturer will troubleshoot the issue and, at their sole discretion, provide parts or a replacement unit under warranty. Please contact Pentair with your serial and proof of purchase at 800-831-7133 or by filling this online form.