Pentair Warrior SL Aboveground Robotic Pool Cleaner

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  • Pentair Warrior SL Aboveground Robotic Pool Cleaner

    The Pentair Warrior SL is the EXACT same product as Pentair 910 (different name).

    Get your pool ready for summer with Pentair Warrior SL Aboveground Robotic Pool Cleaner that is quick, efficient, effective, very tough on dirt and debris, fitted with a powerful scrubbing brush and top-access filter basket, uses a very low-voltage power source to deliver an unmatched performance.

    Pool parties just got a whole lot cooler and way easier to organize with our robotic pool cleaner. Plug it in, drop it down and get ready to splash around. Easy to maintain and top-class performance, Pentair Warrior SL Aboveground Robotic Pool Cleaner helps keep your backyard oasis cleaner, your favorite dipping place sparkling and the water very inviting sans any kind of dirt or debris. Voted for Brand Most Used, Pentair robotic pool cleaner comes with a heavy-duty scrubbing brush to remove even the toughest contaminants and a handy top-access filter basket that is easy to clean post a full cycle. Multiple cleaning options with self-programming provides for optimal pool cleaning experience with scrub, vacuum and filter action done for the entire pool in just 1-2 hours. This miracle cleaner uses an independent power source proving to be the most energy-efficient compared to similar products available in the market currently.

    Energy Efficient

    Unlike its counterparts that rely on a pool pump or booster pump, Pentair Warrior SL Aboveground Robotic Pool Cleaner uses a low-voltage power source thus drastically reducing your energy costs. It comes fitted with a durable power cable perfect for pools up to 40 feet in length.

    Top-Access Filter Basket

    The filter basket is designed for quick and efficient pool cleaning and has an ultra-fine filter that removes dirt down to 2 microns, clears all the dirt, debris and even the most adamant contaminants, keeps your water paradise sparkling and inviting even during high winds.

    High-Speed Rotary Scrubbing

    Keep your pool clean and not green with the heavy-duty scrubbing brush that cleans your pool floor, cove, walls and the waterline at higher speed for added power.

    Plug and Play

    Pentair Warrior SL Aboveground Robotic Pool Cleaner uses an independent low-voltage power source thus eliminates the need to depend on a pool pump or booster pump for its functionality. No pre-installation is required!

    Optimal Cleaning Experience

    A smart system this pool cleaner has self-programming for optimal pool scanning, multiple cycle options, scrub, vacuum and filter all pool surfaces in just 1 – 2 hours.

  • 1 x Pentair Warrior SL Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner
    1 x 40 ft. power cord
  • Warranty:
    1 year

    Cycle Time:
    1-2 hours

    Power Source:
    60hz 120vac outlet



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