pi-top [4] Foundation Kit

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  • pi-top Foundation Kit

    The Foundation Kit from pi-top [4] is a box made of metal that contains 14 components such as buttons, LEDs (green, yellow, red) and programmable sensors. With this kit, you will be able to learn quickly how to code and master the basics of physical computing. As you progress, you will follow guided lesson plans in robotics, AI, cybersecurity among others.

    The Foundation Kit is the easiest way to start using the Raspberry Pi 4 as it has everything you need: a pre-installed Raspberry Pi 4 4Gb, a pi-top Power Supply Unit (USB-C PD 15V, 36W), a pi-topOS on 16GB card, a pi-top display cable, a pi-top with onboard battery and the sensor foundation kit. 
    In short, this full kit will take you to a higher level and give you the chance to create anything from a musical instrument to the ultimate alarm system and unleash your potential. We advise to visit the online project library to learn more on coding and creations. 

  • 1x Foundation Plate
    1x Sound Sensor
    1x Light Sensor
    2x Buttons
    1x Buzzer
    2x Potentiometers
    2x Red LEDs
    2x Green LEDs
    2x Yellow LEDs
    1x Ultrasonic Sensor
    8x LEGO Connectors

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