Pictar 18mm Wide Angle Smartphone Lens

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  • Designed For Landscape Photography and Group Selfies

    Upgrade your smartphone camera with the Pictar 18mm wide angle lens. With this lens your smartphone camera will capture a much wider picture. Use this lens to capture the entire beauty of a landscape or to get many people on a selfie. Pictar 18mm wide angle lens has 160° angle of viewand a 0.5x Optical Zoom.

    The Pictar 18mm Wide Angle Lens lets you capture landscapes and selfies. Use the smartphone lens for group selfies or street photography. The lens has a 0.5x opitcal zoom and 160° angle of view.

    Works on any Phone

    The Pictar 18mm Wide Angle Lens uses a special clip on-mount that allows you to use the lens on most cell phones, tablets and laptops. The lens includes the Pictar app that lets you quickly adjust the lens to your smartphone camera. Simply clip the lens to your phone's front or back camera and start shooting. The high-quality optical glass of the lens ensures sharp and rich images.

    Pictar 18mm Wide Angle Smartphone Lens is compatible with most smartphones, tablets and laptops. The Pictar 18mm wide angle camera lens includes the Pictar App. The app helps you to set up your lens.

    • 1x Pictar 18mm Wide-Angle Smartphone Lens
    • 1x Lens Cover
    • 1x Clip-On Connector
    • 1x Soft Carrying Bag

  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    ⌀ 40 mm

    Optical Design:
    5 Element, 4 Group Glass Design

    Lens Coating:
    Seven Layer Blue Coating, Low Flare, Broadband Anti-Reflection

    Equivalent Focal Length:


    Field of View:

    Lateral Chromatic Aberration:
    <1 Pixel at Edge

    Axis: 300+ lp/mm
    Edge: 280 lp/mm

    <0.5% TV Distortion (1% Optical)

    Limited 2-Year Warranty (upon Product Registration)

    MW-PT-SML FM 40