Pictar Pro Smartphone DSLR Camera Grip

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  • Pictar Pro Smartphone DSLR Camera Grip

    Bridge the gap between old and new with the Pictar Pro Smartphone Camera Grip. Pictar Pro is an ergonomic camera grip for your smartphone. The grip supports most smartphones. Simply slide your smartphone into the grip and enjoy the benefits of a real camera. The grip is well-balanced and lets you take steady shots, even when using only one hand. The Grip also features a Multi-state Shutter Release button, a Rocker Zoom Switch, en Exposure Compensation Wheel and more!

    The Pictar Pro Smartphone Camera Grip lets you take steady shots, even when using only one hand.

    Enjoy the Benefits of a DSLR Camera

    Transform your smartphone into a DSLR camera. Pictar Pro not only looks like a DSLR camera, it also works like one. The grip comes with 4 large metal buttons that give you full control over your device's camera. Just like a professional camera you can upgrade Pictar Pro with external photography attachments to get the best out of your shots.

    Detachable Viewfinder - Pictar features a revolutionary technology to provide you with a clear view. All you need to do is connect your viewfinder with the Pictar Grip. The Pictar App will then automatically recognize the viewfinder on your smartphone screen and reduce the image on the screen to viewfinder size.

    4 External Buttons - Control you smartphone camera with the Pictar's customizable camera buttons. The Grip features a Multi-state Shutter Release button, a Rocker Zoom Switch, Exposure Compensation Wheel and a Smart Wheel (for selecting the right camera mode for each scenario).

    Photography Add-ons - Expand the functionality of your smartphone with external camera gear. For example, use the 1/4" 20 screw at the bottom of the grip to connect Pictar with a tripod. You can also add professional lightning accessories, mics and other add-ons thanks to the shoe mount at the top of the grip.

    Easily connect external camera gear to your Smartphone using the Pictar Pro Smartphone Camera Grip

    Use the special Pictar App

    Enjoy access to many pro features with the special Pictar App. The App is the heart of the Pictar system and gives you full control over your smartphone's camera. With it you can control ISO priority modes, exposure compensation, split focus, exposure points and much more. The innovative Pictar technology lets you pair your smartphone instantly. To do so Pictar uses next generation high voice frequency transmission between control panel and your phone.


    Qi Wireless Charging (Pictar Pro Charge)

    Pictar Pro Charge comes with built-in Qi wireless charging. The built-in battery (only Pictar Pro Charge) allows you to charge any Qi-compatible phone on the go! Simply press both controls at the top to activate the charging process. With an additional press on both buttons you can deactivate charging whenever you like. This system is only available in the Pro Charge model.

    Taking photos with your smartphone drains the battery. With Pictar Pro Charge you can now charge your phone anywhere, anytime.

    • Pictar Pro Grip
    • Viewfinder
    • Wrist Strap
    • Carrying Case
    • USB Cable
    • Pictar App
    • User Manual
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    4.3 x 3.5 x 1.6 in

    Pro: 0.41 lbs
    Pro Charge 0.47 lbs

    1 x 1/4"-20
    1 x Cold Shoe

    Construction Material:
    Brass/ Rubber

    Smartphone Compatibility:
    works with most iPhones and Android phones