Pictar Smart Grip - Camera Grip for Smartphone

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  • Pictar Smart Grip - Camera Grip for Smartphone

    Take shots like a professional photographer with the Pictar Smart Grip. This smartphone gadget turns your smartphone into a traditional camera. Simply slide your smartphone into the grip, connect it and start taking beautiful pictures of your surrounding. The grip supports most Iphones and leading Android models. Thanks to a revolutionary technology the Grip will considerably reduce your device's battery drainage.

    Pictar Smart Grip is a camera grip for your Smartphone

    Wireless Ultrasonic Connection

    The smart grip features a revolutionary technology in the smartphone world. With the use of high voice frequency (18,500 – 20,000 khz) the interface transmits information between the control panel and the phone. This revolutionary technology allows to instantly connect your device with the Pictar Smart Grip and reduces the drain on your smartphone's battery.

    Pictar Smart Grip uses a revolutionary technology: using high frequency voice transmission Pictar Smart Grip transmits information between to your device

    Use the special Pictar App

    Enjoy access to many pro features with the special Pictar App. The App is the heart of the Pictar system and gives you full control over your smartphone's camera. With the app you can access 20 camera modes that are adapted for all kinds of situations, such as a family trip mode or night mode. Choose the right settings and see your image quality increase automatically!

    Whether you are a professional photographer or you just like taking photos, the Pictar Smart Grip is the right choice for you.The app comes with advanced settings that let you control manual, shutter, ISO priority modes, exposure compensation, RAW formats and many more.


    • Pictar Smart Grip
    • Carrying Case
    • Wrist Strap
    • Battery
    • 2 Rubber Adapters
    • User Manual
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    4 x 3.1 x 1.3 in

    0.17 lbs

    1 x 1/4"-20

    Battery Type:
    1/2 AA, 3 to 3.6 V

    Battery Life:
    4 to 6 month

    Smartphone Compatibility:
    works with most iPhones and Android phones

    2 Year Warranty (limited)