Pictar Smart Light - Selfie Light for Smartphones

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  • Pictar Smart Light - Selfie Light for Smartphones

    Have you ever tried capturing the beauty of a moment with a smartphone camera? After looking at the picture on your smartphone, how often have you been disappointed by the lighting? Pictar Smart Light was built to solve your problem.

    Pictar Smart Light is a powerful LED light for your smartphone. It is compact enough to be carried around wherever you go and it provides a high-quality light source whenever you need it. The Smart Light comes with a built-in battery that saves your smartphone battery from being drained. The Smart Light's internal battery lets you use the light in full mode for 2 hours.

    Pictar Smart Light lets you take beautiful pictures, even in complete darkness

    Portable LED Selfie Light

    The Pictar Smart Light lets you take beautiful selfies and pictures, even in complete darkness. The device emits a very bright light of 900 LUX at a distance of 1 meter. You can also use the included diffusion filter in which case the output will be 430 LUX at 1 meter. This makes the Smart Light the perfect light source for selfies and pictures. Using a magnet you can very easily mount the diffusion filter and CTO Gel to the Smart Light. Doing so lets you change the naturally cold LED light to a warm light source , which is ideal for portrait shots.

    Pictar Smart Light lets you take beautiful pictures

    For Professional and Social Photographers

    Pictar Smart Light is the perfect device for professional and social photographers. Simply mount the LED light on your smartphone or camera, then download the free Pictar App and start taking beautiful pictures. The Pictar App lets you control everything from shutter speed to filters. You can use Pictar Smart Light for up to 2 hours at maximum light settings. Thanks to the cold-shoe adapter you can also use the smart light on professional cameras.

    • Pictar Smart Light
    • CTO and Diffusion Gels
    • Cold Shoe Adapter
    • Smartphone Clamp
    • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    3.7 x 2.4 x 0.5 in

    0.19 lbs

    1 x 1/4"-20

    Beam Angle:

    Color Rendering Index (CRI):
    Between 95% and 97%

    Internal Battery:
    2350 mAh

    Battery Life:
    up to 2 hours

    Color Temperature:
    5600K (3200K with the CTO Gel)

    1.6' / 0.5 m - 900 Lux
    3.3' / 1.0 m - 430 Lux

    Tripod Socket:

    Wireless Type:

    2-Year Limited Warranty