PowerVision PowerEgg X AI Powered Camera Drone

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  • PowerVision PowerEgg X AI Powered Camera Drone

    PowerEgg X truly is a stunning product. This device is drone + camera in one! Whether you want to take images from the sky or from the ground, PowerEgg X can do both. The drone uses the most sophisticated technology on the market to capture beautiful images. Most importantly, the drone comes with an ultra accurate face recognition feature. Using Deep Learning the drone continuously improves its face recognition capabilities. This allows the drone to deliver the best camera shots. Among a lot of amazing features, PowerEgg X can stably hover and fly both indoors and outdoors, return to home automatically, sense obstacles, and fly using Smart Flight modes. 

    You can choose between the Explorer and the Wizard version. The Wizard version comes with Waterproof Housing, a special Water Landing Float, 1 Extra Battery, 1 Soft Case for Arms and 3 Extra Sets of Propellers.

    PowerEgg X Camera Drone can transmit images from up to 3.7 miles

    Autonomous AI Camera Mode

    Face Recognition - PowerEgg X never stops learning. The drone uses deep learning to improve its autonomous face recognition capabilities. The more shots you take the better your drone will become! PowerEgg X features remote face recognition and subject lock-on to take the best images of you.

    Automatic Composition- Capture the best images with the built-in PowerEgg X camera. PowerEgg will remember you. With a field view of 170° thecamera can track a person, even if the person leaves the field view and then moves back. PowerEgg X will remember that person!

    Gesture Control- Control PowerEgg with your own gestures. The drone comes with a database of gestures and uses deep learning to recognize your gesture. The drone supports multi-gesture intelligent recognition for photos, videos and subject tracking.

    PowerVision PowerEgg X - AI CameraPowerVision PowerEgg X Drone Gimbal - Wellbots

    Hand-held Gimbal Camera Mode

    PowerEgg X is more than just a drone. It is also a 4K hand-held camera with a stabilized Gimbal. Simply switch PowerEgg into hand-held mode and start recording beautiful videos. The 3-axis Gimbal stabilizer will keep your videos shake free and the 4K UHD camera will take crystal clear images.

    PowerEgg X Drone is also a hand-held camera with 3-axis Gimbal
    Never miss a shot. The very powerful battery allows you to record up to 3.5 hours of video. If you use PowerEgg X in drone mode you can fly for as long as 30 minutes. You can then edit your videos with the PowerEgg X App from anywhere. The in-app editing features of PowerEgg X allow you to professionally edit your video on the go.

    PowerVision PowerEgg Battery Life - Wellbots

    Synchronize Sound and Video with SyncVoice

    Take beautiful drone shots with audio from anywhere. PowerEgg X synchronizes sound with pictures, even in aerial mode. It doesn't matter how far you are situated from the drone, simply open the PowerVision app and take videos with sound. Thanks to the patented SyncVoice technology PowerEgg can synchronize your phone's microphone with pictures.

    PowerVision PowerEgg X - Wellbots

  • 1 x PowerEgg X AI Camera Drone
    1 x Remote Controller
    1 x Wrist Strap
    1 x Full Set of Arms and Propellers
    1 x Pair of Extra Propellers
    1 x Intelligent Charger
    1 x Intelligent Battery (Wizard includes 2 Intelligent Batteries)
    1 x Waterproof Housing (Wizard only)
    1 x Water-landing Float (Wizard only)



    1.2 lbs.

    7 x 4 x 4 in

    Operating Temperature:
    32 - 104 F


    Takeoff Weight:
    1.9 lbs

    Diagonal Distance:
    16.8 in

    Max Ascent Speed:
    11.2 mph

    Max Descent Speed:

    6.7 mph

    Max Flight Speed:
    40 mph

    Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level:
    2.5 mi

    Max Flight Time:
    30 min

    Max Flight Distance:
    3.7 mi

    Max Wind Speed Resistance Level:
    Level 5

    Operating Temperature:
    32 - 104 F


    Gimbal Mechanical Range

    Drone Mode: Vertical:-90° ~ +20°
    AI-Camera Mode: Vertical:-90° ~ +20°;Horizontal:-55° ~﹢55°

    Camera Sensor
    1/2.8 inch CMOS, 12 million Pixels

    Camera Lens:
    FOV: 78.4°
    Focal Length: 27 mm
    Aperture: f/1.8
    Shooting Range: 1 m to ∞

    Camera ISO Range:
    Video: 100 - 3200
    Video: 100 - 3200

    Camera Shutter Speed:
    Electronic Shutter: 8–1/8000s

    Max Image Size:



    3800 mAh

    11.4 V

    Max Charging Voltage:
    13.2 V

    Battery Type:
    LiPO 3S

    0.5 lb

    Charging Temperature Range:
    50 - 113 F

    Max Charging Power:


    System Requirement:

    iOS: 10.0 or later; Android: 5.0 or later

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