QFX 12" Mobile Theater Projector/Speaker with Screen

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A portable home theater experience in your pocket, QFX PBX-6000 is your personal mobile theater/speaker projector. The stylish 12” woofers projects crowd-favorite movies, family videos, and nostalgic screenshots from granny’s SD card on a 70” projector screen. Bring this portable movie theater to your next movie night and sit back with a big bowl of popcorn for a relaxing time.

Inputs: Guitar, Audio Line, HDMI – Ports: USB, SD – Battery: Rechargeable – Display Screen: LCD Speaker Frequency: 20hz-20khz – Play Time: 3-4hrs.

PBX-6000 – Wireless Microphone – Remote – 1 Stand – 1 Screen – 2 Short Poles – 2 Long Poles – 2 Poles with Metal Collars – 10 Elastic Ties – 4 Outdoor Metal Stakes – Power Cord