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Rise Double Family Garden

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Rise Double Family Garden

Introduce your kids to the joy of farming with the modern, indoor Rise Double Family Garden, a smart way to hook them on to fresh produce.

Nurture the habit of healthy eating with Rise Double Family Garden, a mini, personal farm, right in your living room. From fresh lettuce, cilantro, parsley, and mustard to tiny delightful tomatoes and spicy red pepper, hand-pick your herbs and greens, fresh from your indoor farm, day after day. Let kids pick and prep their salad and watch them relish what they have grown.

The sleek indoor garden grows 24 plants in two levels and adds a fresh green dimension to your décor. With a 5-gallon self-watering capacity and one month’s supply of self-fertilizing hydroponic nutrients, you will ace the techniques of farming in no time. The integrated app alerts you when your greens are ready to be harvested, so you always get a supply of freshly produced herbs, veggies, and greens from farm to table, every meal.


Dimensions: L 36” x D 16” x H 52 5/8”

Weight: 83 lbs

Self-Watering System Capacity: 5 Gallons

Energy Consumption: 130 watts

Warranty: 3-year for Hardware Components

             1-year for Electronic Components

Power: Standard Outlet


1 x Rise Double Family Garden

3 x 4 Pod Trays per level

32 x Seed Pods which include:

4 x Salad Mix 4 Pack: Bronze Arrowhead Lettuce, Parris Island Cos Lettuce, Astro Arugula, Red-Streaked Mizuna Mustard

2 x Herb Mix 4 Pack: Super Sweet Genovese Basil, Common Sage, Forest Green Parsley, Santo Cilantro

2 x Variety Pack: Little Bing Tomato, Starbor Kale, Swiss Chard, Snackable Red Pepper

36 x Net Cups

1 x Nursery (for sprouting seeds)

1 x Hydroponic Nutrients: Sprout, Thrive, pH (1month’s worth)

1 x Instruction Manual