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Rise Triple Family Garden

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Rise Triple Family Garden

Indulge your farming passion with Rise Triple Family Garden, your personal three-tier garden that grows herbs, veggies, greens, and a healthy lifestyle.

When everything comes out of a box, why not your own farm? Rise Triple Family Garden is a welcome addition to your aesthetic décor & fresh produce fancy. Grow 36 plants in 3 levels to satiate a hungry family of up to 6 members.

You always have the choice to upgrade to a 12-pod tray to increase the yield at any time. The integrated mobile app guides you to nurture your favorite produce at all stages. It comes with its own self-watering tech, a boon for those who have frequent family outings, lest your plants go dehydrated.

Rise Triple Family Garden is a golden opportunity for amateurs who want to indulge their green thumbs. Treat your farm-fresh family garden with hydroponic nutrients and a self-fertilizing mechanism for successful, fresh produce all year round.



Dimensions: L 36” x D 16” x H 66 1/4”

Weight: 106 lbs

Self-Watering System Capacity: 5 Gallons

Energy Consumption: 200 watts

Warranty: 3-year for Hardware Components

             1-year for Electronic Components

Power: Standard Outlet



1 x Rise Triple Family Garden

3 x 4 Pod Trays per level

48 x Seed Pods which include:

6 x Salad Mix 4 Pack: Bronze Arrowhead Lettuce, Parris Island Cos Lettuce, Astro Arugula, Red-Streaked Mizuna Mustard

3 x Herb Mix 4 Pack: Super Sweet Genovese Basil, Common Sage, Forest Green Parsley, Santo Cilantro

3 x Variety Pack: Little Bing Tomato, Starbor Kale, Swiss Chard, Snackable Red Pepper

54 x Net Cups

1 x Nursery (for sprouting seeds)

1 x Hydroponic Nutrients: Sprout, Thrive, pH (1month’s worth)

1 x Instruction Manual