Robomow RC306 Robot Lawn Mower

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  • Robomow RC306 Robot Lawn Mower

    If you are looking for a discreet and highly efficient little companion to mow your lawn, you are at the right spot. The Robomow RC306 is the perfect fit for a 0-1/8 of Acre lawn.Designed for perfection, this investment will just make your life easier, and will make you forget about the mowing Sunday morning. Equipped with excellent technology, your robot can be giving you data and more security directly to your smartphone!

    Everything is automatic. Let the robot mow all your lawn and come back to its charging station by itself.

    No need for supervision: it stops automatically when someone - even small kids - is nearby.


    An amazing range of features for an incredibly efficient device

    The RC306 is equiped with state-of-the-art technology, making it a complete and perfect robot for mowing your lawn. Specialy developed to cover every part of your lawn the robot can climb up to 36° slopes (20 degrees) and has the ability to mow up to 3 zones individually inside your garden. The mowing height is easily adjustable, and with his special blade design and unique edge mode, it will perfectly cover evry part of your lawn.

    It has been made to over-pass any obstacle thanks to his sensor-equiped bumpers that will prevent any damage to the blades and the robot.

    Perfectly autonomous, the robotonly requires the installation of a perimeter wire which is activated by the base station. After operating, the robot will go back on the base station to charge.

     Robomow RC306 Robot Lawn Mower - Wellbots 

    The luxury of choice

    You can either set up your device to be completely autonomous, or swap to a manual mode. Using Robomow's app that can be downloaded from any smartphone, you will be able to pilot your device from your couch.

    The app will also allow you to choose if the Robot should mow depending on the humidity (rain-sensor integrated) or how frequently it should get into action.

     Robomow RC306 App - Wellbots

    • Robomow RC306
    • Base station
    • 600 ft perimeter wire
    • 250 palstic pegs
    • 4 metal base station stakes
    • 50 ft power box extension cable
    • accessories
    • User guide
  • Part Number:

    Recommended Size Lawn:
    1/8 acre

    Robot Dimensions:
    24.8 x 18 x 8.2 inches

    Robot Weight:

    Mowing Width:
    11 inches

    Mowing Height:
    0.6 - 2.9 inches

    Mowing Motors:
    DC Brush

    Mowing Time:
    60 - 70 minutes

    Average Coverage per Hour
    75m 2

    Charging Time:
    70 - 90 minutes

    Battery Type:
    26V Lithium

    Battery Capacity Spec:
    3 Ah

    Mowing Power:
    200 Watts

    Power Consumption
    18 kWh/month

    Noise level (ECO mode):
    Eco Mode: 64dB

    Noise Level (High Load):
    Measured: 67.9dB Guaranteed: 69dB

    Sub Zones /Starting Points:

    Separated Zones:

    Maximum Allowed Perimeter Wire Length
    800 meters

    20 degrees



    Rain Sensor

    Bluetooth and RoboConnect+

    Mobile App 2.0

    Web App (MyRobomow)

    Voice Activation (Alexa)

    Find My Mower

    1 year

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