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Roborock E35 Vacuum Cleaner

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  • E35 cleans faster and better 

    If you are looking for a cleaning solution, the Roborock E35 Vacuum Cleaner is the best solution for you! This amazing vacuum uses the power of dual-gyroscopes and dual-optical motion to ensure high-quality cleaning. Typical robot vacuums aren't as fast as the E35 Vacuum, because it uses data to create paths that clean 30% faster. You can use the powerful suction of the E35 to clean pet hair, crumbs, and more. More than a vacuum! The E35 also can mops floors and make them shine like new.

    - Effective cleaning
    - Long-life battery
    - Mopping
    - Multiple's sensors
    - Auto charge and resume
    - Ultra-efficient
    - Intense suction

    You can control your Roborock E35 Vacuum Cleaner with the Mi Home App, use it to schedule, start, stop, customize, charge, check the status, select the mode, and more. It can eliminate 99.2% of dust thanks to the E11 high-efficiency washable filter. The filter is washable so you can use it longer and save money on replacement.



    Strong suction that cleans in one go

    The Roborock E35 Vacuum Cleaner is composed of multiple sensors that can adapt to complicated environments. It can avoid getting trapped or even running out of battery. Wondering how? The E35 slows down automatically before meeting any obstacles, which keeps pets, furniture, and children safe.



    Auto recharge and more 

    If the power of the Roborock E35 Vacuum runs low, it will stop cleaning and go back to recharge. The memory of the vacuum will make it continue from where it left off. Having carpets at home is not a problem anymore for this vacuum: when the E35 detects a carpet, it automatically boosts the suction mode. 

    - Map out a 1.2m diameter square around its location
    - Washable Filter
    - Ideal for picking up after your pets
    - High-efficiency E11 air filter




    • Roborock E35 Vacuum Cleaner
    • Pet Tool
    • Battery
    • Home base
    • Side brushes
    • User manual
  • Dimensions:
    13.7 x 13.8 x 3.6 inches

    11.82 lbs

    Battery life:
    2.5 hours

    Charge time:
    4 Hours

    Coverage area:
    2152 Square feet

    110 Volts

    58 Watts

    Smart home compatibility:
    Amazon Alexa; Google Home

    Cleaning pattern:
    Row by row / straight lines