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Roborock E5 Vacuum Cleaner

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  • E5 is the vacuum that you need!   

    Meet the Roborock E5 Robot and Vacuum, the advanced solution for your cleaning floors, and more. The E5 is a vacuum with a methodical cleaning perfection thanks to the OpticEye, dual gyroscope, and precision internal mapping. It will track and create a map to help it plan more efficient routes around the home. This vacuum will clean even the hardest dust from your floors. Its 2500 Pa2 hyperForce suction gathers more grime from dirty floors and carpets. You can also program No-Moping zones and it will never get in there.

    - Effective navigation
    - 2500 Pa suction
    - Extra-large battery
    - Automatic charging
    - Advanced sensors
    - 0.8 in climbing
    - Washable filter
    You can control the Roborock E5 Vacuum Cleaner directly from the remote control, google assistant, or Amazon Alexa. It also has a long-lasting battery that can allow you to clean a large area. One charge of its 5200mAh battery gives up to 12152sqft/200mins of cleaning. The E5 is a smart vacuum and it can detect if the battery runs low during a clean. If the battery is low, it will go directly to charge and then continue cleaning from where it left off. Carpets, stairs, and thresholds are not a problem for the E5 because the sensors can deal with them.

    - Handle larger homes
    - Deeper carpet cleaning
    - Reach around the home
    - Washable filters
    - Extra-large dustbin
    - Voice control
    - App control
    - powerful suction

    Roborock E5 Vacuum is more  

    The Roborock E5 Vacuum Cleaner will also protect the planet and save money for you because of its E11 washable filter. This filter can block dander and pollen. It has an extra-large dustbin of 640ml, so you don't need to empty it very often. Trust us, you will be surprised by the efficiency of this robot vacuum. Let it make a house mapping, and then you can relax while E5 handles the rest. It will also traverse your home with 0.8 in climbing ability that allows it to get into rooms and also under low furniture.


    • 1* E5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    • 1* Charging dock
    • 1* Power cable
    • 1* User manual
    • 1* Water tank filters
    • 1* Remote control

  • Package dimensions:
    19 x 16 x 6 inches

    Product weight:
    11 lbs

    Max suction:

    Run time per charge:
    200 minutes

    Battery type:

    Start/ pause/ stop/ spot cleaning, Timer, Monitor the cleaning process, Choose the cleaning mode, Maintenance, User manual, and More

    Cleaning mode:
    Silent, Balanced, Turbo, Max, Gentle, Carpet

    Cleaning mode: