Roborock H7 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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  • H7 is extreme suction

    Introducing the Roborock H7 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner! This new generation vacuum can clean and remove dust easily from all your surfaces. The amazing 480W motor can create a massive 160AW of constant suction power. You can use H7's power to clean dirt from floors, carpets, beds, cars, and more. You will enjoy up to 90 minutes of cleaning before charging again. The H7 has fast charging technology, so it will take only 2.5 hours to reach full charge capacity.

    - 3 Cleaning modes
    - 160AW Constant suction power
    - Lightweight
    - Long-lasting Li-Po battery

    The Roborock H7 Cordless Stick Vacuum helps you not only to clean your house but also to keep a healthy environment. Its 5-layer air filtration system captures 99.99% of particles, down to as small as 0.3 microns.


    H7 is agile and light

    With only 3.2 lbs weight, the H7 is a vacuum for everyone! This vacuum is easy to lift, maneuver, and reach tricky areas. You can install a MagBase to keep the H7 and all its accessories together in an easy way. All the H7's accessories can be stored on most magnetic surfaces.

    - Clean deeply
    - Carpet and hard floor
    - Save time


    H7 is easy to use

    The Roborock H7 Cordless Stick has been designed with a display that allows you to control current mode, locking/unlocking, or childproof lock. You will not need to guess anymore the battery life because the display can show you the remaining time of use. The H7 will also protect your pocket because you can wash and reuse the filters in order to minimize the cost and give the filter a longer life.

    - Multi-surface brush
    - Extension tube
    - Motorized mini-brush
    - Flexible tube
    - Dusting brush

    All these accessories will help you to better clean your carpets, reach the ceiling, remove dust from upholstery, clean hard-to-reach areas, and more. Finally, let us tell you that you will love the minimal disruption technology of the H7. The advanced airflow controls will keep loud noise to a minimum level without sacrificing cleaning power.



    • 1 H7 Stick Vacuum
    • Multi-Surface Brush
    • Dust Bag Holder
    • 1 Dust Bag
    • 1 Baton
    • 1 Docking Station
    • 1 Dusting Brush
    • 1 Motorized Mini-Brush
    • 1 Power Supply 
    • 1  Flex Tube
    • 1  Crevice Tool
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    11.18" x  4.37" x  9.09" 

    3.21 lb

    Motor voltage:



    Battery capacity:

    Charging time:

    Dust tank capacity:


    810074997416 / 00810074997201