Roborock S6 MaxV Robot Vacuum Cleaner & Mop

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  • A dual camera paired with artificial intelligence to deliver consistent and effective results

    Roborock S6 MaxV is equipped with twin cameras which enable the robot to not only see obstacles but also accurately estimate their size and location. This data is inputted into the renowned PreciSense LiDAR navigation system for effortless reroute and efficient cleaning. These cameras also feature infrared imaging, meaning you can let the S6 MaxV do the job day or night.


    Not only Roborock S6 MaxV avoids obstacles, but thanks to deep learning and ReactiveAI technology, it also recognize and avoid common home hazards that may trip other robots such as footwear, power strips, toys, and even pet waste. And what if an object is not recognized? No problem, Roborock S6 MaxV will detect it and safely work its way around any object as small as 2" wide and 1.1" tall. Plus ReactiveAI is constantly learning and downloading new knowledge from the cloud to improve and stay on top of things. 


    One may feel insecure about letting (another!) camera into their home, but Roborock has made privacy and security a priority. No image is ever duplicated, stored or sent to the cloud. All images processed by ReactiveAI for obstacle avoidance are instantly deleted. It is not only words : the robot is certified by TUV Rheinland as a safe smart home product. 

    Deeper cleaning : stronger vacuuming and customizable mopping

    The HyperForce fan is the strongest of its kind ever equipped on a Roborock vacuum. Overall, the S6 MaxV is 25% more powerful than the S6. It delivers a 2500Pa maximum suction for a 180 minutes maximum runtime over a 2580sqft maximum vacuuming area. When cleaning larger areas, the robot will automatically return to the dock to charge its battery, and continue vacuuming where it left off.

    The new electronic water tank enables smarter and more customizable mopping. Keep it off to vacuum only, or click it in to unlock advanced mopping options. From the app, you can set mopping schedule and water flow for each room. You can also define No-Nop Zones to keep your carpets dry for example. The mopping feature is suitable for homes up to 2150 sqft.


    More custom options and monitoring at your fingertips

    From the app, you can check the robot's route map, and also what obstacles have been seen and where. Thanks to the multi-level mapping system, you can set No-Go Zones, Invisible Walls and No-Mop Zones for each floor of your home. The robot will recognize automatically on which floor it is and will adjust the route map accordingly. Even though the route is by default automatically computed, you do have the option to define your own room cleaning sequence, meaning you can the robot know exactly in what orders the rooms should be cleaned. Last but not least, you can switch on the Roborock app anytime and see what your S6 MaxV sees. Drive around the house and see what the robot sees, make sure you closed the door and even check on your pets. Send them a voicemail to let them know you will be home soon!

    Main Features

    Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance
    Advanced Obstacle Recognition
    Powerfull Qualcomm Processing
    25% More Suction Power
    Smart Mopping Add-On
    Automatic Room Recognition
    Ultra-Quiet 67dB Mode (4 modes:Quiet, Balanced, Turbo, or MAX)
    Extra-large 5200mAh battery
    Washable E11 HEPA-Type Rated filter for longer use
    Spot Cleaning Mode
    Smart Top-up
    PreciSense Sensor Array
    ScratchSafe Wheels and Brushes

    • 1 X Roborock S6 MaxV plus with dustbin 
    • 1 x 10 fl.oz SnapMop water tank
    • 1 x Charging Dock
    • 1 x Moisture-proof Mat
    • 1 x Power Cable
    • 1 x Mop Cloth Braket
    • 1 x Mop Cloth
    • 1 x User Manual and Warranty Notice
  • Dimensions:
    19 x 16 x 6 inches (package)
    13.9 x 3.8 x 13.8 inches (robot)
    5.9 x 5.1 x 3.8 inches (charging dock)

    12.1 lbs (package)
    8 lbs (robot)

    1 year


    Brush Bristle Type:

    Rated Input:
    100-240V AC input power (charging dock)
    14.4V DC (robot)

    Rated Power :
    28W (charging dock)
    66W (robot)

    14.4 V/5200 mAh Lithium Ion

    Charging Time :

    Wireless Connection :
    WiFi Smart Connect

    App Controlled: 

    Voice Controlled: 
    Yes, start cleanups, change modes, and more with Alexa or Google Home.

    Max runtime :

    180 minutes

    Max suction :
    2500 Pa

    Max vacuuming area :
    2580 sqft

    Filter Type :

    Water Tank :
    297ml (10 oz)

    Cleaning solution:
    None, it is recommended to fill water tank with water only.

    Recommended Surfaces :
    Bare floor, carpet, hardwood floors, laminate, tile, vinyl

    Multi-level mapping system :
    Up to four floors, with up to 10 No-Go Zones, 10 No-Mop Zones, and 10 Invisible Barriers on each level

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