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Samsung R7260 Plus Robot Vacuum Self-Clean Soft Action Brush for Pet Hair (Recertified)

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  • Samsung R7260 Plus Robot Vacuum

    Samsung POWERbot R7260 combines great cleaning capacity and highly innovative technology to clean your house perfectly and offer you the relief you deserve. 
    You don't need to keep an eye on your robot while it is cleaning the house. Samsung POWERbot can avoid obstacles and adopt the most efficient cleaning way with Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor 2.0. The built-in camera and the various sensors give the robot a precise mapping of the room so that it can make the best choices along the way. 


    Not just a robot, but also a great vacuum cleaner

    POWERbot was designed to be more than a robot. It is also a great vacuum cleaner. Samsung ran some tests. They came to the conclusion that POWERbot R7260 suction capacity was 40x more powerful than traditional circular robot vacuums; on all types of floor! Its CycloneForce Technology provides stronger and longer suction power while reducing the risks of clogging. 
    Its large wheels greatly adapt to different floors and easily go from one surface to another. Then, it can clean carpets as well as hard floors without needing human assistance. 

    Designed to perfectly clean dust and hair, even in hard-to-reach areas

    The Edge Clean Master technology enables the robot to reach areas a traditional vacuum cleaner could never clean. When the robot arrives to hard to clean areas, it pulls out a rubber blade that can collect the dust. This type of dust is inaccessible with a conventional robot vacuum cleaner. 

    The robot is perfectly adapted to deal with pet hair thanks to its Self-Clean Soft Action Brush. This innovation prevents pet hair from clogging up the brush. The hair is automatically detangled and a self-cleaning grinder improves fluidity and avoids obstruction inside the robot vacuum.

    Intelligent and connected

    The robot vacuum is smart. It automatically adapts its suction power depending on the surface it is cleaning. For a carpet, it will automatically increases its suction power. When the battery is down, it automatically returns to the power station. Once charged enough, it goes back to work until the job is done. 

    It is also equipped with Wifi connectivity. Connect your robot to the Wifi, and control it remotely with your smartphone or with your voice with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 


  • Samsung POWERbot™ R7260 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum Recertified
    Soft action brush, combo brush, brush covers, magnetic tapes, extra filter
    Battery charger
    Boundary markers
    Docking station
    Power cord
    Two AAA batteries

  • Dimension:
    13.8 x 13.4 x 3.8 inches

    9.5 pounds

    1 Lithium ion battery

    Compatible floor type:
    All floors

    Cleaning path width:
    10.9 inches

    Maximum runtime:
    90 minutes

    Compatible with:
    Amazon Alexa - Google Assistant - Bixby - SmartThings

    Voice assistant built-in:

    Remote control:

    Pure Silver


    Model number: