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Scan Dimension SOL 3D Desktop Scanner

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  • Scan Objects To 3D Models

    SOL 3D is a small desktop scanner that allows you to create highly accurate 3D models of real life objects. Thanks to an intuitive software and a built-in display anyone can use this 3D scanner. It is relatively small, lightweight and can be assembled with only 4 pieces, making it the perfect tool for hobbyists, entrepreneurs and artists. 

    The Scan Dimension SOL 3D is ideal for:

    • Makers: Simply create a digital model of your art, design or other creation. You can scale the model up or down, reproduce it in a different material and use it for your modeling process.
    • Entrepreneurs: Show off a 3D model of your product in your online store. With a 360° view of your product customers can get a better feel and are more likely to buy it.
    • Educators: Turn your classroom into a 3D discovery lab. SOL combines easy-to-use software with affordable hardware so that anyone can learn about 3D modeling. 


    Scan Dimension SOL 3D Laser Scanner 

    3D Scanning In 6 Simple Steps

    With SOL 3D you can create 3D models in just a few minutes. 

    1. Scan the object with your SOL 3D scanner.
    2. Verify your scan in the SOL Viewer.
    3. Export your scan.
    4. Import your scan into a slicer software for clean-up.
    5. Transform or modify your scan as desired.
    6. Print, save or export it.


    Highly Accurate 3D Modeling

    What makes SOL 3D so special is that it is affordable, easy to use and extremely accurate. Compared to other 3D scanners the SOL 3D provides high quality models with an accuracy of .1mm. 

    Look at how SOL 3D compares to the competition:

    Scan Dimension SOL 3D Laser Scanner  

    • 1 3D Scanner
    • 1 Turntable 
    • 1 Scanner Stand
    • 1 Black-out Tent
    • 1 USB Cables
    • 1 Cover and Scan Target
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    18.11″ × 14.17″ × 8.07″ in

    7 lb

    Scanner Accuracy:

    Supported File Output:

    Maximum Volume:
    Near Mode: 100mm diameter cylinder, 100 mm tall
    Far Mode: 170mm diameter cylinder, 170 mm tall

    1-Year Manufacturer Warranty