Segway Loomo Hardware Extension Bay

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  • Segway Loomo Hardware Extension Bay

    With this Expansion Slot enabling hardware connection to LOOMO via USB, developers have now more possibilities to custom their LOOMO, the Segway Advanced Personal Robot.

    • 1 x LOOMO Hardawre Extension Bay
  • Compatibility
    Segway LOOMO

    Power Plug
    Max 24V/1A DC

    Pin Connector
    7Pin Spring Loaded Pogo Pin Connector

     Pin No. Name Signal Group Description
    1 P24V Power DC power supply; 24V/1A
    2 GND GND DC Ground
    3 P5V Power DC power supply: 5V/500 mA
    4 USB_DATA- USB 2.0 USB 2.0 Data N
    5 USB_DATA+ USB 2.0 USB 2.0 Data P
    6 GND GND DC Ground
    7 Detect Input Connect it to GND to enable power supply

    USB Port
    USB 2.0 socket (Android 5.1 USB Drive)

    Expansion Slot USB hot-plugging supported. As a USB device plugs in, the system creates a device node, granting read/write access to trusted applications.

    Supports all drives for the following USB Chipsets

    MOSCHIP USB-ethernet driver ark3116
    asix ax88179_178a
    belkin_sa Catc
    cdc_acm cdc_eem
    cdc_ether cdc_ncm
    cdc_subset ch341
    cp210x digi_acceleport
    dm9601 f81232
    ftdi_sio Ipheth
    kaweth keyspan_pda
    mct_u232 mos7720
    mos7840 net1080
    option oti6858
    pegasus pl2303
    rtl8150 sierra_net
    smsc75xx smsc95xx
    snd-usb-audio spcp8x5
    ssu100 ti_usb_3410_5052
    ums-realtek usb-storage
    usb_ehset_test Usbfs
    usbhid Usbserial
    usbserial_generic Uvcvideo
    whiteheat Zaurus

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