Shark CH951 Cyclone Pet PRO Plus Vacuum

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Shark CH951 Cyclone Pet PRO Plus Vacuum


The Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+ is a powerful cordless handheld vacuum designed to alleviate your daily household cleaning. If you have a pet who sheds like crazy then this is for you! This powerful vacuum includes a special self-cleaning Pet Power Brush that easily eliminates hair wrap on the brushroll while effectively picking up any traces of pet hair. It works perfectly on any surface like your couch, car seat, or even floor.

With the XL dust cup, you can save time emptying the bin and do more cleaning at once. Easily empty the dust cup by CleanTouch Dirt Eject so you don’t need to touch the mess. It’s lightweight, effective, and convenient.


Dust Cup Capacity: 0.45 qt 

Voltage: 10.8 volts 

Color: Process Black

SKU: CH951 

Amperage: 8 amps 

Wattage: 80 watts

Filter Type: Fabric Filter 

Warranty (years): 2 YR LIMITED WARRANTY

Product Dimensions: 20.82 in L x 3.82 in W x 4.35 in H 

LED Lights: Yes


1 x Detachable self-cleaning pet power brush

1 x Crevice tool 1 x Scrubbing brush