Shark ZU881 DuoClean with Self-Cleaning Brushroll Powered Lift-Away Vacuum

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Shark ZU881 DuoClean with Self-Cleaning Brushroll Powered Lift-Away Vacuum


Get spotlessly clean and polished floors in one go with Shark ZU881 DuoClean Vacuum. With ultra-powerful suction power that cleans all mess of all sizes, from a large pile of crumbs to fine dust.

The DuoClean property is a unique technology that tackles carpets and floors with a self-cleaning brush roll that picks up human or dog hair without the hair wrap.

So forget about manually removing all the tangled hair because the brush roll does that for you. The Power Lift-Away lets you easily detach the pod and take it with you anywhere to clean under the couch, the flight of stairs, and even walls!

The intuitive control panels right next to the handle make changing the brush setting extra handy; shifting from floors to carpets is a breeze.

It comes with a little spotlight right above the vacuum head so you can easily spot dirt and dust as you vacuum your floor. All the collected dust and 99.99% allergen are collected in the canister and locked away to give your house cleaner and fresher air.

You might have to empty the canister every now and then because it sucks up every little dust so it easily gets full, which is a pretty good problem because it means it cleans well! So go on, enjoy a sparklingly clean home with the Shark Vacuum.


Product Dimensions: 10.6 x 12.2 x 47.2 inches 

Item Weight: 17.1 pounds 

Form factor: Upright Color: Cinnamon


1 x Shark DuoClean Upright Vacuum

1 x Upholstery Tool

1 x Crevice Tool

1 x Manual