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Square Off Smart Automated Chess Board Grand Kingdom Set

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  • Square Off Smart Chess Board Grand Kingdom

    With 20 difficulty levels, Square Off will match your capabilities whether you are a beginner of a Chess Grand Master!

    Use the app to challenge anyone across the world and play with your friends and family overseas, even if they don't have a chess board, they can play with the app!

    The app is very easy to use and allows your friend to move the pieces on your board even if they are not in the room with you but thousands miles away. Challenge friends or family remotely, or one of the 25 million players in their global online community on Chess.com.

    The Square Off battery is magic too: it can lasts up to 30 games, allowing you to play non stop and become the next Chess Master. Square Off Boards are not only the most state-of-the-art chess tech but also crafted wooden boards with artistic designs.

    Can you beat Artificial Intelligence?

    The board will get better and better the more you play with it. It will allow you to have a more and more challenging chess game partner, always available to play with. Infivention is always updating the game so that you can keep learning and improving yourself with new chess tricks. The app analyzes your game to help you sharpen it.

    Organize live chess tournaments or even game dates! The Square Off app is the brain of the game and gathers the world's strongest community of chess enthusiasts.

    Humans have lost their first chess game against Deep Blue's chess computer more than twenty years ago. Deep Blue by IBM was the thefirst computer to defeat ahuman world champion. What if you could rematch against the computer and finally win.

    Live stream feature: watch world championships directly on your board

    Use Square Off live stream feature to watch your board come alive displaying grandmasters moves. Learn from the best and use the moves you watched against your friends or the community.