Sungzu 130W Solar Folding Bag

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  • Sungzu 130W Solar Folding Bag

    Sungzu is a leader in the portable power station industry. This foldable solar panel is a unique accessory to charge most portable stations, but also your electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops and digital cameras. Its high efficiency solar panel produces 130W by converting up to 25% of solar power. 

    Charge all you need with the power of the sun! Enjoy the possibility to charge your portable power station during your trips and outdoor activities no matter where you are. You just need the sun! But there is more. Thanks to the great choices of outputs and the wide array of accessories which come with the Solar Panel, you can easily charge phones, laptops, GPS and cameras. 

    Designed to be convenient for your trip! Sungzu 130W Folding Bag is water-resistant and its 600D Nylon cover makes it highly durable. The solar panel is also foldable and can be carried like a handbag. Just bring it easily wherever you go; be it for hiking or camping or any kind of trips. 


  • 130W solar panel
    Aviation convection cable
    Micro USB
    Notebook conversion head

  • Model & ASIN:
    SD130 & B07NWCC47P

    5V/ Dual USB 3A

    Up to 25%

    Fabric quality: 

    Working temperature: 
    -30 to 8°C