Sungzu SKA100 100W Portable Power Station

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  • Sungzu SKA100 100W Portable Power Station

    Sungzu is a leader in the portable power station industry. This AC and DC multi-functionnal portable power station is the perfect backup energy source. Its outputs allows you to charge a great variety of electronic devices such as mobile phones, cameras, laptops or drones. The LED lights provides comfort in dark places. 
    SKA100 power bank is highly resistant thanks to its aluminum alloys body. As Sungzu is committed to design high quality products, this battery was approved by ROHS, CE, FCC certificates.

    Sungzu SKA100 100W Portable Power Station / Wellbots
  • Sungzu 100W Portable Power Station SKA100

  • Model:

    Input voltage/current(DC/Type-C/Solar panel):
    Adapter input: 15Vdc/19Vdc 4.0A
    Type-C input: 5Vdc~20Vdc/45W(support PD3.0/PD2.0 input)
    Solar panel:18Vdc~30Vdc/3.0A Max

    Output voltage/current: 
    USB output voltage/current: 5Vdc/2.1A
    DC output voltage/current:12Vdc/8.0A Max
    Type-C output power: 5Vdc~20Vdc/45W(PD3.0/PD2.0 output)
    AC output voltage/current: 220Vac/0.46A/50Hz 110Vac/0.9A/60Hz
    AC output power: 100W

    Product Capacity:
    11.1V /9.0Ah (3.7V/27000mAh)

    Product size:
    8.3 × 5.3 × 1.2 in

    Net weight:
    2.2 lbs

    Battery life span:
    >= 500 times

    Working temperature: 
    -10 to 65°C

    Work humidity:
    below 95%

    below 2000 meters