Sungzu 300W Portable Power Station, SKA300

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  • Sungzu 300W Portable Power Station, SKA300

    Sungzu is a leader in the portable power station industry. Sungzu SKA300 multi-fonctionnal power station was created for outdoor activities. It covers your short-term energy needs for electronic devices or emergency power supply during your adventures. 

    The perfect assistant for families and outdoor activites! Enjoy the possibility to charge all your electronic devices simultaneously up to 300W. The power station offers a great variety of outputs. Charge all you need to make your experience unique such as drones, laptops, digital cameras. Its resistant and powerful built-in lithium ion battery also offers safety in case of an emergency! You can easily charge the power station with a traditional adapter or a solar panel.  

    Solid, safe and certified! The SKA300 power station is light weight and yet resistant thanks to its aluminum alloy shell. Sunzgu also made it extremely safe. SKA300 is equipped with a smart cooling system. If the internal temperature goes above 45°C, the cooling fan is automatically activated and cools the power station until the temperature goes back below 45°C. This Sungzu Power Station is also perfectly adapted to match with EU and US quality standards and requirements. It has ROHS, CE, FCC and other required certifications which assure safety and quality. 

    UPS Function enables charging and discharging at the same time for more flexibility!  Anytime the input power becomes less than the power of the output, this portable battery will use its own battery to charge the input. And it will alert you when you need to turn of the output. If you forget and the power station battery comes below 30%, it will turn it off automatically. 



  • Sungzu 300W Portable Power Station SKA300
    AC adapter (to charge SKA300 via wall outlet)
    Cigar lighter output cable
    Micro USB
    Fuse tube x 4
    Quick start guide

  • Model:

    (AC adapter: 15-30V/5A max; Solar panel: 18V-30V/5A max)

    USB 5V/3A max
    DC 12V/8A max
    AC output: 2*AC 300W (peak power 600W)
    AC voltage: 220V/1.4A/50Hz or 110V/2.73A/60Hz

    3.7V/93600mAh (1V/31.2Ah or 346Wh)

    Fully charging time: 
    5.5-7 hours (charging by provided AC adapter)

    Product size:
    11.9 x 4.6 x 8.6 in

    11.0 lbs

    Battery life span:
    >= 800 times

    Working temperature: 
    -10 to 65°C

    Work humidity:
    below 95%

    below 2000 meters