SunSense Pro


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  • SunSense Pro

    Control your daily UV exposure thanks to the SunSense Pro personal UV tracker. The sun spearheads so many things: bad sunburn, development of serious diseases... It has became essential today to monitor it and limit the exposure. With this unique tracker, you will be able to get the health benefits of the sun, without worrying about misdeeds. Don't wait anymore, and do what's best for your health!


    Simple use with the best technology

    First, download the SunSense app on your smartphone, and connect it with your SunSense Pro. After filling out details like your skin type, the application will give you your daily recommended maximum dose or UV radiation threshold. You will be able to control your UV exposure at any time through the UV index and intensity.


    Stylish accessory

    With its unique adaptability, your SunSense Pro will be able to accompany you in any occasion: you can clip it on clothes, or wear it as a watch for instance. The device won't leave you, even in the water, with its water resistance until 1 meter. Stay healthy with style, it's possible!


    Ultra Violet Index

    The UV index is an international standard measurement of the strength of ultraviolet radiation. The Ultraviolet is an electromagnetic radiation that can be found in the sun or other sources. There are two types of UV: UVA and UVB. In order to have an healthier tanning and avoid sunburn, it is critical to control the UV radiation.

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  • 1 x SunSense Pro
    1 x Flexible strap
    1 x Small wristband
    1 x Universal clip
    1 x Large wristband
  • Sensor:

    Low Energy 4.1

    iPhone and Android smartphones

    1 m

    Battery life:
    4-6000h, replaceable TR2032 battery