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Earthwise UV-C and Ozone Light Sterilizer Germicidal Lamp

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Portable Germicidal UV Lamp

Effective disinfection and sterilization of hard and soft surfaces and the air exposed to the device.

Product Overview
  • Powerful UV and Ozone combine to sterilize the air and surface within a room at home or in the work environment.
  • Lightweight and runs on any standard 110V power outlet providing easy portability to move from room to room.
  • Available with or without ozone, ideal for running during the evening or after hours to increase the effective sterilization rate.
  • The no ozone version affords you the ability to sterilize meeting rooms, exam rooms, spas, yoga, and fitness rooms between sessions.
  • Available in 38 Watt (300 to 400 sq. ft.) and 60 Watts (400 to 530 sq. ft.)
  • As a general rule, we recommend letting a room sit for ozone to safely dissipate for 2X the sanitizing cycle of our customers.  This can be shortened by opening windows and doors.


    • UV + ozone can be 360 ° clean, efficient sterilization, remove formaldehyde odor, purify the air.
    • A high-quality lamp that improves UV permeability, acid resistance, and corrosion resistance, with an average burn life of up to 8000 hours.
    • 3-speed timing, 30-meter remote control, 10 seconds delay avoiding UV protection.
    • Ultraviolet rays can kill microorganisms by destroying microbial DNA and RNA. Suitable for a variety of locations such as bedrooms, baby’s rooms, dens, kitchens, bathrooms, and any other space you want to sanitize.
    • Disinfect area for 15 minutes with 38W / 60W lamps, disinfection area of approximately 10m2. Disinfect area for 30 minutes 38W / 60W lamp, disinfection area of approximately  20-40m2, Disinfect area 60 minutes 38W/60W lamp, disinfection area of approximately 40-60m2.


      • Material: ABS, Stainless Steel
      • Voltage: 110-220V
      • Power: 38W
      • UV Lamp: 254nm Wavelength
      • Fits For Room Area About 40㎡
      • Remote control distance: 30M
      • Mite removal rate: up to 100%
      • Bactericidal rate:  up to 99.9%
      • Timing: 15/30/60 minutes optional

      Remote Control Specification:

      • Battery: Model 23A
      • Voltage: 23A - 12 V
      • Battery Included
      • Qty 1 Required