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Earthwise Commercial Grade UVC Light Fixture with Remote Control and Tripod Bundle

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Commercial Grade UVC Light Fixture with Remote Control and Tripod Bundle

Disinfect the air and surfaces exposed to the UV-C Light!

This is a bundled solution which includes the Earthwise UV 60 Watt Smart Fixture and custom-designed tripod for sanitizing up to 600 square feet.

This device is ideal for rooms and spaces that benefit from sanitizing areas before or after usage.  From offices and studios to school nurses' offices and locker rooms, to spaces in the home before or after guests visit.

Disinfect the air and exposed surfaces with our commercial-grade UVC Light Tested and certified by UL, FCC, and the EPA.

Configurable to network multiple lights to a single remote control affords easy management of large spaces or an entire facility.  

Beware of low cost LED Corn Bulbs - Our products utilize commercially produced low-pressure mercury quartz bulbs.  The device has been independently tested with documented results for viral and bacterial sterilization effectiveness.

      • Commercial rated germicidal ultraviolet corn bulb light for clinical and professional use.
      • Designed with safety as the priority, with a remote control to unlock and set cycle times, with 20-second delayed start-up
      • Microwave and (3)PIR Sensor built-in for auto-shutoff for people and pets.
      • Fits standard US e26 light fittings - must be mounted pointing down
      • US compliance with FCC, UL, and EPA Listed, CE and RoHS certified.
      • All-Purpose UVC sterilizing lamp: can use for bedroom, quilt, pillow, bath towel, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, HVAC duct, garage, factory, office, school, workshop, etc.
      • Utilizes (3) 20 watts 253.7nm low-pressure mercury quartz tube lamps the industry standard for biological pathogen sterilization.

      Add portability to your Corn-Bulb UVC sterilizing solution with this industrial grade tripod and eyebolt cap to safely mount the bulb.  Designed for mobility and easy storage the tripod systems affords the owner the ability to sterilize different spaces with ease.

      The Tripod is adjustable to easily raise or lower the corn bulb to be closer to the surfaces or items you intend to sterilize.

      • Designed to work and support the UVC corn bulb for proper functioning
      • Allows the corn bulb to be mounted properly
      • easy to move from room to room and sanitize multiple rooms.