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WBM Smart Radar and Wi-Fi UV Sterilizer Light

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  • WBM Smart Radar and Wi-Fi UV Sterilizer Light

    The WBM Smart Radar and UV Disinfectant Sterilizer light allows to build healthy defense for you & your love ones. It's easy-to-use remote assists to control wi-fi, timer control, and radar sensor that efficaciously defend your loved ones from harm. The sensing range of the radar can be configured through softwares and thus gives you a longer product relevance and support over years of use.

    Main Features:

    1. Safe and efficient: made of quartz
    2. Radar sensor
    3. Timer control
    4. UV light to sterilize face masks and glasses


    The WBM Smart Radar and Wi-Fi UV Sterilizer Light is best for domestic sterilization and disinfection for different public areas, like clinics, cafes, gyms and more. Manufactured from quartz with UV 254 nm wavelength, long life, high transmission charge and higher sterilization impact.

    Timer Control

    Choose the appropriate sterilization time according to different area to achieve optimal sterilization. After setting the sterilization time, the lights will be turned off automatically. Moreover, you can use the WBM Smart Radar and Wi-Fi UV Sterilizer Light to sterilize items such as face masks and glasses for one minute.

  • 1 x WBM Smart Radar and Wi-Fi UV Sterilizer Light
    1 x User Manual

  • Brand:


    Plastic, ABS Plastic


    Additional Functions:

    Light-therapy lamp
    Touch sensor switch mechanism

    2.31 lb

    17.32 x 4.72 x 4.72 in