Worx Landroid Anti-Collision System WA0860

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  • Worx Landroid Anti-Collision System

    Upgrade your Worx Landroid with an anti-collision system to protect it from damage. This system is like a pair of glasses for your mower. It allows your Landroid to sense and navigate around obstacles. The ultrasonic sensors of the anti-collision system also increase the accuracy of the mower's algorithm because it will no longer bump into objects.

    Worx anti-collision system 

    Product Features

    • Prevents Damage:The system allows your Landroid to see and veer around obstacles. 
    • Ultrasonic Detection: Allows your mower to sense obstacles that are within 8 inches directly in front of it, preventing it from damage.
    • Increased Accuracy: By providing your mower with a view of the surroundings the system enhances the mower's accuracy.
    • Easy Installation: All it takes are 2 screws. Landroid will detect the upgrade and do the rest for you.


    Worx Anti-collision system  

    • 1 Worx Landroid Anti-Collision System
    • 1 Package of Mounting Screws
  • Compatible with:
    WR140, WR150