Worx Landroid Garage With Lift-Top WA0810

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  • Worx Landroid Garage With Lift-Top

    Protect your Worx Landroid from wind, rain, and sunlight with the Worx Landroid Garage. The garage is the ideal add-on for anyone who keeps the Landroid outside. All you need to do is mount it on top of the Worx ground station. The mower will then automatically situate itself in the garage when it returns to the station.

    Product Features

    • Weather Protection: The garage protects your Landroid from harsh weather and provides you with peace of mind.
    • Lift-Top: Easily access your Landroid's control thanks to the lift-top cover. 
    • Extends Battery Life: By protecting your Landroid from sunlight the garage automatically extends the mower's battery life.
    • Easy Set-Up: Installation only takes 1 minute.

    Worx Landroid Garage

    • 1 Worx Landroid Garage
    • 2 Packages of Screws
    • 1 Hex-Key
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    27.8 x 21.81 x 15.65 in

    Compatible With:
    WR140, Wr150, WR794