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XIAOMI Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar

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Discover the Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar

Introducing the Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar. An ingenious solution to limited desk space, it attaches easily to the top of your monitor, leaving you plenty of room on your desktop. Its asymmetric polished design is elegant, attractive, and comfortable to use, with no screen reflection. This light bar features a high Ra95 color rendering index for accurate color representation; meaning objects will appear in full, natural color. With adjustable color temperature and brightness, you can choose the setting to best fit your individual needs. Let the Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar surprise you with the variable brightness and color temperature settings adjustable to meet your different lighting needs, forget about the screen reflection and enjoy the asymmetrical light that prevents eye fatigue.

- No screen reflection
- Magnetic rotation
- Doesn't take up space
- Metal body
- 2.4-GHz wireless remote control

The powerful Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar doesn't take up any space on your desktop because it easily attaches to your monitor, and you can control it wirelessly to adjust lighting at your fingertips. When we talk about asymmetric polished design, we are referring to the custom-made optical glass and finely textured hood, which ensure that you can work for extended periods without being troubled by glare. You will see the color of objects as they really are, and the high Ra95 color rendering index shows objects in full, natural color. Connect it to your computer to feel the total experience of the Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar, and the light will turn on automatically when your computer is turned on, like magic.

- For busy workdays
- Light that protects your eyes
- For design works
- Never feel alone with a warm light
- No glare


Use the practical remote control to adjust the color temperature and brightness according to your preference, short press Turn lights on/off, long press computer modes, rotate to adjust brightness, and press and rotate to adjust color temperature. The Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar connects with the control using a 2.4-GHz wireless connection. Finally, we can tell you that this device is very easy to assemble and disassemble. The magnetic attraction helps to adjust up to 25° to effectively prevent glare, and the metal body will give your desk the final touch that it needs.



Product Model: MJGJD01YL

Rated Input: 5V=1A

Operating temperature: -10°C to 40°C

Body size: 0.90 " x 17.6"

Remote control size: 2.6" x 1.4 "

Color temperature: 2700K to 6500K

Rated power: 5W (80 × 0.2W/LED module)


1 x Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar

1 x Base

1 x Remote Control

1 x User Manual

1 x Power Cable