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xTool 2mm Black Acrylic Sheet (Opaque, Glossy) 5pcs

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  • xTool 2mm Black Acrylic Sheet (Opaque, Glossy) 5pcs

    This acrylic is a black color with a high-gloss. Both Carbon dioxide laser devices like Laserbox and semiconductor laser devices like xTool D1 / M1 can work well with the material in cutting or engraving.                                                                                                
    11.7" x 8.3" x 0.08"                     
    • Included

      •  5 x Black Acrylic Sheet (Opaque,Glossy) , 11.7" x 8.3" x 0.08" (297mm x 210mm x 2mm)
  • Features

    •  You can choose hot cutting (laser cutting) or cold cutting (saw cutting). Cutting through acrylic with a laser, table saw, jigsaw, drill is quick and easy. 
    •  Acrylic is a remarkably versatile premium plastic that can be used to make colorful, modern jewelry, useful kitchen or bathroom goods, and to create window or display-case effects. It can be adhered with acrylic glues as well as household super glues. Each piece of acrylic is protected from scratches by a removable paper sheet. Using laser equipment to process it, you will be pleasantly surprised. 
    • The dimension of our Acrylic board is huge, 11.8" x 11.8" x 0.12", meeting your needs of making significant works.
    • You can use your machine and the material to bring your wish list items to life - home decoration, jewelry and more. This material, in proper dimensions, is a great choice for you to process sizable creative works and promote batch processing. 
    • A good choice for inlays or concealing unfinished edges. It also offers vivid, contrasting engraves that turn lighter when struck with the laser, perfect for showcasing more intricate detail work.
    • To help you create more easily is the mission of xTool. It is our pleasure to provide you with more enjoyable products. Would you mind sharing pictures or videos of your creative works? They will be the greatest rewards for us.