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xTool Laserbox Rotary 40W Laser Cutter & Engraver Refurbished

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  • Refurbished units: all machines are tested and are functioning well, only some scratches (length&width<5cm) on the cover. Warranty and technical support are the same as for brand-new units.

    xTool Laserbox Rotary 40W Laser Cutter & Engraver Refurbished

    It is the best 3D laser cutter for small businesses, hobbyists, designers, DIY-Makers, and professionals. Specifically designed for learning and creativity, the Laserbox uses and redefines laser performance. The Laserbox uses a high-resolution ultra-wide-angle camera and an AI visual algorithm to turn your idea into reality.

    Main features:

    • Live Camera Preview
    • Material Recognition
    • AL Auto-Focus
    • Smart Path Planning
    • Set up in Minutes
    • Image Extraction
    • Check Progress Easier
    • No Internet required
    • Easy Share like a printer
    • Powerful CO2 Laser tube


    Engrave on Cylindrical Objects

    Rotary Engraving

    The rotary accessory attachment unlocks 360° engraving for cylinders from 3mm to 70mm in diameter. Customize a wide range of cylindrical materials with the rotary accessory attachment.

    Unlock Creativity with your kids

    Design with a Pen

    You can draw any design you want to on paper or directly on Laserbox materials, and get identically beautiful prints. xTool Laserbox recognizes a thick 3mm red color line for cutting and black for engraving automatically.

    Safe and Eco-friendly

    Laserbox is completely safe to use for children, as it   stops working at the same time you open the lid.

    Early-warning System

    Monitored in real time by collective high-performance sensors, Laserbox has multiple safety notifications, that immediately alert you to issues like overheating and water cooling.

    Smart Smoke Purifier

    The smart smoke purifier automatically opens, and adjusts the volume according to the working status of Laserbox, which ensures eco-friendly ventilation. The filter for smoke purifier could be easily replaced.


    • 1 * Laserbox Rotary
      1 * Rotary Attachment
      1 * Smoke Exhaust Pipe
      1 * Pipe Clamp
      1 * Power Cord
      1 * USB Cable
      1 * L-Type Wrench
      2 * Circular Barcode Sticker
      2 * Screw
      5 * 3mm Basswood
      1 * User Manual

  • Laser System
    Laser Power 40W
    Laser Source CO₂ Glass Laser Tube