ZENS Liberty 16 coil Dual Wireless Charger

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  • Zens Liberty 16 coil Dual Wireless Charger

    With its 16 coil, ZENS Liberty is the first dual wireless charger to allow you a total freedom of placement for your charging devices.

    It can charge two devices simultaneously and supports Apple and Samsung Fast Charge

    With its Built-in USB port, you can even charge a third device 

    The Fabric Edition has been designed by the Danish specialist Kvadrat who made the surface with high quality Atlas textile wool  

    The Glass Edition lets you discover the 16 coils inside
  • 16 coil Dual Wireless Charging Pad with Fabric surface
    2x15W Output
    Built-in USB-A port
    USB-C Power adapter 60W

  • 16 charging coils
    Fabric surface made with 90% wool textile