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Puck - The Smart Remote Control (2-Pack)

  • Wellbots - Puck - The Smart Remote Control
  • Wellbots - Puck - The Smart Remote Control
  • Wellbots - Puck - The Smart Remote Control

Puck - The Smart Remote Control (2-Pack)

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Product Description

The Puck - The Smart Remote Control (2-Pack) 

Have your remotes in one place : on your smartphone! 

Stop wasting your time looking for lost remotes, stop handling multiple remotes at the same time. Puck is a patented, intuitive bluetooth device that enables you to turn most iOS and Android into a single universal remote control.


Puck is small and discreet. It is no big clunky ugly box. Thanks to its micro suction cup adhesive on its backside, Puck can be placed and replaced on any device and surface. HOORAY!



Puck is compatible with a wide variety of devices that use IR remote controls. While in continuous engineering and development, Puck has been engineered to work with more than 1,500 brands and 235,000 device codes, which makes Puck, the most universally compatible plug! Puck can replace the remote to your TVs, Cable Box, DVD, Blu-Ray, Sound Bars, Space heaters, Window AC units, Fans, AV devices, Apple TV, CD Players, Lighting, Climate control systems, Gaming Systems, Home Theater systems, projectors, etc... Besides, Puck uses Bluetooth 4.1 technology, which means that Puck works through walls, doors, etc... 

Puck is not only an adhesive plug but also an easy to learn and to use interface. Thus, When you buy a new device, simply plug the Puck on it, sync your new device, and you are ready to go!



Puck comes with a replaceable coin cell battery that last 6 months to 1 year, and requires no programming when replaced.

How to install:

  • Install the iOS or Android Puck app on your smartphone;
  • Pair your Puck with the app and set up a remote;
  • To confirm the correct code set is setup on the app, hold Puck about 12 inches in front of your device and aim the 'eye' towards the IR receiver of your device, To locate the IR receiver, hold the device remote close to the edge of the device (few feet) and repeatedly press a command such as Volume. When the device responds, you have located the IR receiver. 
  • Affix Puck in a location near the IR receiver.
  • If Puck does not respond it may be necessary to change the code set on the Puck app. This can be done by clicking the settings icon in the upper left, then selecting the corresponding remote, Click 'Edit' in the upper right once the remote is selected in settings and change the code set.

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