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February 01, 2018 2 min read

Portability has always been something that people run after. After all, why wouldn’t you prefer seeing everything from the sky while you sit back in your comfy chair? DJI has done just that. With every last bit of thoughtful engineering put into the Mavic Air Drone, it is a testament to itself. The Mavic Air Drone seems an excellent mix of the DJI Spark and the MavicPro, with all the features that are jam-packed within such a tiny form factor.

A Quality Design and Powerful Features

The drone has so much in such little space. With its compact size, it’s half the size of a Mavic Pro, but it still has wonderful features: let’s mention its 12-megapixel camera as well as its 4k video shooting!

Where DJI has been in line to produce some of the most professional drones, Mavic Air comes truly as a mainstream consumer drone, especially designed for hobbyists with its affordable price tag. Thus, it is not only elegant but also powerful as these figures prove it: its maximum flight time is 21 minutes and its Sport mode allows it to flight up to 42 mph.

Targeting Mass Consumer Market

Where technology is advancing by the day, it’s no surprise to see a drone in the palms of a standard consumer. However, DJI has managed to impress the crowd with their Mavic Air where they showcased their gesture controlcapabilities with the drone. As much as people are oriented towards accessibility and ease, a lot of people would prefer picking up something that can control with something as simple as the flick of the wrist. With facial recognition and gesture control coming into the mix, it can be seen that DJI is stepping into the domains of future drone technology.

In addition, thanks to its Assistance System, the drone can navigate in a more fluent and safeway: it is able to bypass all types of obstacles, which makes it far easier to control in outdoor environment, not crashing it into every object or wall.


An Ultra-functional Drone

Once set up, the drone gives an unparalleled performance. The comparison of the performance and responsiveness of it to the predecessors’ shows that DJI has come a long way. Significantly, you can fly your Mavic Air in six different flight modes, and you should definitely try the following one just imagined by DJI: the Boomerang. With this playful flight mode, the drone follows an oval-shaped path around you, before going back to you.

In a word, this new ultraportable DJI device is very convincing. It offers stimulating flight experiences and allows breathtaking shootings.

The DJI Mavic Air Drone is available for pre-order on Wellbots – shipping in February. You can enjoy $20 off at checkout if you are a new customer!

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