Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Wellbots, we understand the positive impact technology can have on peoples' lives. We also understand what maybe a luxury for some could be a necessity for others. Wellbots is always excited to put our best foot forward to help those in need. On a daily basis, we offer discounts to educational and healthcare intuitions buying from us in the hope to make healthcare and education more affordable and achievable. We work with our veteran customers by offering Vet Discounts and work with the below foundations. 



PB and K Family Foundation - Denver, CO



American Red Cross Blood Drive - Crossgates   


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Work With Us

We are determined to expand our CSR Program and are always welcoming partners and vendors to work with us on this noble cause. If you think your products can make a difference to someone's life, please reach out. We are happy to harmonize our efforts with yours to achieve our goal together. You can email your ideas to