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The robot vacuum cleaner is the first thing many of us think about when we consider home automation. Robotic vacuum cleaners have been around for a long time now, and they've improved by leaps and bounds over the more primitive models that first entered the market years ago. Today's robot vacuums are smarter and have more capabilities than ever. More than just an auto vacuum cleaner, a smart vacuum can be controlled by the touch of an app or be left to clean your home using its own sophisticated programming that will scour every inch of your floor. It can sweep your surfaces while you’re away at work or busy prepping for a party. With a self-cleaning robot vacuum, you can save time and energy, letting the device manage a monotonous chore on your behalf. Interested in finding the top automatic vacuum for your home? When you're looking for the best robot vacuum, Wellbots has you covered thanks to our wide selection of some of the most trusted brands on the market today!

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Because today’s market includes many different robot vacuum brands and  designs, it can be difficult determining which one is right for you. Different types meet different needs. Some cater to pet owners; some have a mopping function. Do you want a robot carpet cleaner, or are you looking for one to sweep hard surfaces? Are you interested in finding the best automatic vacuum for the interior living spaces of your home? Figuring out what you need can help narrow your selection, and we can provide advice. In any case, Wellbots has the perfect solution in our catalog. We curate only the best robot vacuum models in our lineup, including from brands such as Shark® and iRobot. Features include automatic rechargers, smart mapping to learn your layout, and versatility to move from hardwood to tile to stone. There are even devices with high-efficiency filters that capture 99% of dust, mites, and allergens. Shop our selection and buy today!

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