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August 03, 2016 2 min read


The science fiction of traveling the world through lightning-fast tubes is becoming something of considerably more substance. Hyperloop seeks to create a method of travel that will allow individuals to reach great distances over consistently minor stretches of time. The story is a little too good to be true. Yet it is absolutely correct and factual. The Hyperloop will be here soon, and it will change the way we travel forever.

While there are still a number of things that need to happen, before the fantastic notion of the Hyperloop enters the real world, it is nonetheless a concept that is well worth getting excited about in the present.

Technically, the Hyperloop is already here. The technology has been making waves in the present for a little while now. The work towards bringing that technology into the real world has been making considerable waves and gains. The Hyperloop was actually tested recently. While this test involved only testing the capsule, there is no question that it is a step in the right direction. The visionaries and engineers behind Hyperloop are extremely confident in the significance of the progress they have made so far. That confidence extends into the timeline that will take us from the present, to when the ability to travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco in just thirty minutes is something that becomes a reality.

Currently, the dream is for the Hyperloop to have the ability to reach speeds of over 700 miles per hour. That dream also includes a method of transport technology that will allow for goods and individuals from one side of the world to reach a different part of the world in hardly any time at all. Known as the fifth mode of transportation, Hyperloop has the potential to change the world around us on a variety of levels. If we can transport goods more rapidly and efficiently, we can change the way we approach humanitarian aid, international commerce, and so much more. We can save more lives than ever before.

Even on the most fundamental level, Hyperloop will change the way we work. We will no longer be limited by mere geography, when it comes to seeking out the jobs we want. This concept will combine high-energy efficiency with electric propulsion. The end result will be something that will reduce our carbon footprint, decrease our dependency on fossil fuels, and allow us to interact with one another in ways never imagined.

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