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June 09, 2017 2 min read

Some make the argument that at the end of the day, humanity is committed to its own destruction. While that might be a simplistic view of things, the very thought does introduce the complex, frustrating contradiction that exists within most people. To put it another way, we are keenly interested and invested in our own survival. At the same time, we make decisions as individuals, as well as decisions as a society, which seem to suggest that at the very least, we’re not as obsessed with enduring as a species as we might think.

A fascinating subject within this larger topic concerns the evolution of technology. In particular, you want to keep all of the above in mind, and then consider the evolution of artificial intelligence in computers and machines. We are certainly making developments that serve to make our lives easier. Are we moving too far in that direction? Some would even go so far as to say that in our desire to make things easier for ourselves, we are slowly but surely engineering our own demise as a species. Is there any truth to that thought?

Is Humanity Inherently Self-Destructive?

One of the strongest definitions of society is our constant, unwavering desire to improve ourselves. This desire manifests itself on an individualized basis, but it also holds true for society as a whole. We want to be more comfortable. We want to be safer. We want to be healthier. Technology is already giving us extraordinary, dizzying advantages over those who lived a century ago. There is no question that technology is going to continue to propel us forward.

However, it is sometimes difficult to honestly determine if all of that is really for the best. One of the most significant trade-offs for the general evolution of technology is the fact that as technology continues to improve, our reliance upon it will continue to be increasingly prevalent. Even in this present moment, we can see examples of people relying a bit too much on technology. How long can you go without using your smartphone or tablet?

Technology will continue making its complex leaps forward. This is something that we ultimately cannot change. However, it may perhaps be prudent to begin to appreciate the potential consequences of machines/computers with Artificial Intelligence in greater detail. Can anything be done? Perhaps not, but the various debates on all of this information continues. Do you believe that Artificial Intelligence is something that should be feared?

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