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Some Of The Most Mind-Blowing Robots and Androids

December 03, 2014 3 min read

Technology has evolved by leaps and bounds in the past few decades and continues to accelerate its development. It seems that robots have become so hi-tech that the fine line that separates them from humans is about to be blurred. The robots of today are capable of expressions, humanoid movement, and even consciousness to some extent. There is a never-ending list of programming options that these devices carry – they can be taught to respond and even interact. While we are still far away from the age of terminators and robot girlfriends, the things some of these robots can do are amazing. We have compiled a list of the most mind-blowing high-tech androids and robots that exist today that will completely shock you.

BEAR- Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot


Whatever happened to using technology for the benefit of mankind? Or so we assumed. Vecna Technologies has programmed and developed this rescue android for extraction in any hazardous situations. The BEAR is highly capable; it can haul up weighty objects over long distances, it can climb stairs, it is extremely agile and balanced and it has flame and explosion resistant batteries and treads. BEAR can be operated by a glove or a remote and can be used for dangerous rescue missions. It can lift over 230 Kgs and can sense its environment through optical cameras, night vision and infrared. That’s not all, because of it incredible stability it can even hold an egg and transfer it to another location without cracking it at all; talk about technological advancements.


This wins the award for the most shockingly realistic robotic android ever made, hands down. BINA48 or The Breakthrough Intelligence via Neural Architecture was programmed and created by David Hanson of Terasem Movement; it was modeled after Bina Rothblatt (the wife of Terasem’s co-founder).

The amazing part is not just the facial and physical resemblance, but the fact that the robot has actually been programmed with the real Bina’s memories, emotions, feelings and thoughts. So she can actually hold interactive conversations based on Bina’s traits. She can also continue to learn and her vocabulary enhances everyday that she interacts with humans.

Currently, the robot has not been fitted with a body, but even just the robotic head is capable of expressing more than 64 feelings. So basically what we have is a conscious robot fed with the experiences of an actual human being, which has adapted to a pattern of constant growth and continues to learn. Some would even call it leading an actual life, interesting.


Mostly all the androids are generally very robotic, but not this one. Miim is the product of the Japanese company AIST and was fashioned after an average Japanese female. She has the ability of ambient noise, recognizing faces and dialogue. What’s great is that the robot can mimic human facial expressions to a very high level of precision.She weighs 43 Kgs and is around 5.2 ft tall. Oh yeah, and she also sings and dances.


We know it is hard to accept, but mind-control technologies actually exist and are gradually taking over. The robot Morpheus is capable of following commands that were given as thoughts. A swim cap filled with electrodes is fitted with a controller that is used to operate the robot. Morpheus was created by Rajesh Rao at the University of Washington and can be used for rescue, assistance or even just mere companionship. The procedure used to turn your thoughts into commands is completely non-invasive as opposed to earlier mind control methods where electrodes were required to be surgically implanted inside the operator’s skull. 

We understand that these aren't the kinds of robots you would find on our store, but we felt it was worth sharing the various ways robots and technologies are being used besides in your automatic floor cleaner or quadricopter. Only time can tell what other functions and operations robots and androids hold for us.

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