September 12, 2017 2 min read

STEM Toys – When Education Meets Fun

How to get your kids smarter and more successful later in life?

Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics. The acronym all teachers and educators cannot stop using. Indeed, it encompasses the 4 disciplines to which most of the future jobs will be related. It is thus important for both teachers and parents to turn to educational toys to give their kids an appetence in these domains. It will give them an edge in the ever-increasing competitive world and the building blocks for potential future success in robotics, computers and natural sciences.

Furthermore, STEM toys get your kids to use their logic and mind without sacrificing their childhood fun. While designed to stimulate your kids’ critical thinking, problem solving and perseverance, STEM toys are also fun, creative and cool.


For example, with the smart construction play kit, Professor Einstein - Wellbots, your kids can explore and create awesome inventions with its innovative smart blocks. While your children learn about logic gates and custom computer code to build its custom miniature cars, they can pick the speed, win the race !


Engineering and technology toys

If you're looking for the perfect blend of learning and fun, check out our toys robot, but that Sphero SPRK+. While your kids has fun with the Sphero SPRK+, the toys is actually teaching them how to code in the coolest way.


At Wellbots, we believe that the focus of STEM education is also about how these subjects relate to each other and the real world. Meet Professor Einstein, the most expressive wacky robotic version of the famous genius Professor Einstein. Professor Einstein can chat about science, tell jokes, check on the weather, and, naturally, quote Einstein himself. It connects to a companion app with games, videos, and interactive lessons. It is the perfect STEM toys that trains your kids’ brains, teaches sciences and encourages curiosity!


Enjoy Wellbots’ smart selection of STEM toys to nurture your children’s young, smart and creative minds. What's even better about our toys is longevity. Unlike other basic toys that may be eventually tossed out, STEM toys teach children knowledge that they can keep with them for the rest of their lives and – who knows?!- set them on the path of genius!

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