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November 17, 2015 2 min read


James Bond is the true master of concealed weapons, gadgets, and devices – that’s what gives him his edge. Through the years, James Bond movies have wowed audiences with their witty exclusive-to-film inventions that always seem just a little more farfetched every time.

While there have been countless James Bond gadgets through the years, there are those that really stand out. Here, we name 5 of the best James Bond gadgets of all time and explain just why we think they’re awesome.

  • 1.Bagpipe Flamethrower – For a minute there, you might think he’s just a quiet Irish man in a quilt, but take a step closer, and this secret agent wields a flaming bagpipe. Talk about unassuming! This blazing grace was introduced to the big screen in the 1999 James Bond film, The World Is Not Enough and definitely stuck in the minds of viewers years after the movie aired. I mean, how could you even forget something so majestic?
  • 2.False Fingerprints – What’s a spy with fingerprints? Leaving those smudgy instant identifiers can cause trouble for even the stealthiest of spies. That’s why James Bond was smart enough to make use of these false fingerprints during one of his undercover operations in the 1971 Bond film, Diamonds Are Forever.007 doesn’t only use the prints to cover his own tracks, but also employs this simple device to frame other individuals working against his cause.
  • 3.Combination Safecracker-Copying Machine – Wait, what? Yes, this crazy contraption was put to use in the 1969 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, where 007 needed to crack a safe and copy some secret files. This makes you wonder just what other combination safecracker contraptions lay about the James Bond storage room. How exactly this specific one was made to work? You tell us. But there’s still no doubt, Bond was a smart lad and this was definitely a memorable device.


  • 4.Cigarette and Toothpaste Bomb– Who would’ve thought that there were explosives in the average American home? In the 1989 License to Kill Bond film, 007 rappels down the side of a structure and sets off an explosion to get the deed of the day done. How exactly does he go about doing this? With cigarettes and some toothpaste, of course. Bond unleashes the McGyver in himself and fashions a homemade bomb with nothing more than a nicotine stick and some minty fresh tooth cleaner.


  • 5.Car Invisibility Cloak – Very Harry Potter, if we may say. It’s hard enough to hide a gun, how much more conceal a car? But Bond does it in the 2002 Die Another Day instalment of the James Bond franchise. In this movie, 007 hops in a shiny, new Aston which makes use of tiny cameras to reflect what’s on the other side, essentially making the car look as though it was invisible, until of course, a good looking Brit steps out. This was definitely one of the smartest and most memorable devices to have ever been used by the beloved British spy across all Bond movies.

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